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Breakfast Granola Fruit Tart with Yogurt Recipe - Customize your favorite fillings and toppings in the crunchy granola crust! |

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These unique pancakes are like a little burst of sunshine! Substitute with coconut milk and remove the egg to make vegan

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Stuff a buttery crescent roll with banana and a schmear of Nutella, roll it in cinnamon sugar, and bake. This is the easiest recipe for happiness, in 10 minutes flat. from The Food Charlatan

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This beautiful Crescent Bacon Breakfast Ring will be everyone's weekend breakfast of choice, it's loaded with bacon, eggs and cheese. Perfect for brunch as well.

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Easy parmesan hash browns baked in muffin cups for crispy edges and soft centers. Prep the night before and bake in the morning for breakfast or brunch.

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