How to Take Care of Broken, Cracked & Bruised Ribs | eHow

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so me and my webal sobal self bruised my ribs and find myself in a lot of PAIN....Bruised Ribs: What You Need to Know

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Theatrical makeup/ SFX Makeup - Hip bruising!! MUA - Izzi Oliver, Model - Izzi Oliver

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Bruised Ribs: What You Need to Know | Injury/Pain | EXOS Knowledge | EXOS formerly Core Performance

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Your character for some reason is at a fighting arena. They release prisoners to fight for their lives against other prisoners. He/she just saw Jeremiah go down with a blow to his ribs from a heavy dumbbell. The bell rings and the second round is about to be announced. Jeremiah struggles to his feet, a desperate look in his eyes, but it's obvious he won't make it through the next round.

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