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Random Inspiration 129

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Dark Varietal Chocolate Drink Recipe

Dark Varietal Chocolate Drink Recipe #slimmingbodyshapers You don't have to feel like a cream puff after eating a ‘Delicious Tasty!’ for undergarments that fit and allow you to breathe while enjoying delicious treats.

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Baked Parmesan Hash Browns

Easy parmesan hash browns baked in muffin cups for crispy edges and soft centers. Prep the night before and bake in the morning for breakfast or brunch.

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Do You Know These Basic Facts About Autumn?

Okay, I have gathered up a ton of pinecones. Let's see what we can make with them to decorate the chalet for dinner tonight.

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Which Sense Do You Rely On Most?

12.) Something brown: Chocolate! I love chocolate. Mostly just milk and white chocolate. Dark chocolate is way too bitter for me unless it's paired with mint.

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Easy Chocolate Sauce

This easy chocolate sauce recipe has only 3 ingredients! It's wonderful drizzled over many desserts including cakes, brownies and ice cream.

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