Restrained, quiet, soft palette. Comfortable and relaxing. Pastel shades creates a special aura of smoothness, recreation and relaxation. This color enviro.

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Color dictionary. I do find it a bit annoying how most of these colors are based of Earth materials, which means I can't use them in my space opera because there might not be gingerbread in space.

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beige, color combination, color matching, color solution, colors of fall 2016, dark brown, fall colors, fur color, gray, gray-brown, pale gray, reddish brown, shades of autumn, shades of brown, tea color.

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Here we are with a new part of our Color Vocabulary, focused on the different shades of brown. Do you want to suggest a topic for our next vocabularies? Contact us!

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burgundy-red, color combination for redecoration, color of pomegranate, dark red, maroon-brick, orange-brown, pomegranate color, Red Color Palettes, shades of brown, shades of brown color,

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almost black, beige color, dark gold, golden tones, natural stone color, pastel shades of brown, shades of gray and brown, stone color, taupe.

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