My brother is my best friend, he is continuously inspiring me to do the best I can do in all situations.

This is SO, SO true! Life just wouldn't be the same without my amazing brother & sisters.

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I'm so blessed to have you as a brother and my kids are even more blessed to have you as an uncle! You are the greatest I love you! Cade and Aubree are lucky and blessed to have you

Ohhh, #melt I've been pinning all morning with my girls...explaining and telling them about what I did when I was young....My childhood would have been nothing without my big bro Ben #muchlovebrother xx

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i luv this!!  now if only my husbands siblings could be close again like they once were. that would be a gift sent from above.

Brother and Sister Quotes Siblings . Yeah, don't really have this with any of my siblings, well maybe one, and he's a step. Still a nice thought