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#Late Bronze Age from the Netherlands- 1000 BC # I know little about this very sophisticated piece. The design is so well thought through.


Bronze Age. Depotfund fra Vejle-egnen. Fundet består bl.a. af snoede halsringe, armringe og nåle.


Built over a wide river with access to the North Sea and inland farms these Bronze Age houses could have easily traded grain, meat and metal tools. Yet not long after they were built 3,000 years ago the houses burned down and collapsed into the water preserving their contents | Illustration by Adolfo Arranz and Chris Bickel


Two European bronze swords Late Bronze Age, circa 900 B.C. The larger leaf-shaped blade with pronounced central ridge with two grooves to either side at the tip, with two notches above the wings of the hilt-plate, the hilt pierced with four rivet-holes, terminating in a faint 'fish tail' tang, 23in (58.5cm) long; the shorter with a stepped central ridge, with a single notch above the hilt plate, the hilt pierced with three rivet holes, 18¾in (48cm) long (2)