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Home Remedies for Brittle Nails

Everyone strives to have beautiful nails, but brittle nails can spoil the…

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25+ Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies

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Evening primrose oil...minimum 500mg..also good for dry skin, brittle nails & hair. Can see benefits in 6 weeks.

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Fruits & Veggies are loaded with vitamins that can help build strong nails. Good sources are dried apricots (vitamin A), kiwi (vitamin C), bananas (B6) blueberries, blackberries & grapes are also high in antioxidants, sweet potatoes, dark green veggies like broccoli & asparagus (vitamin A), carrots (B6), spinach & other leafy green vegetables (calcium, iron & antioxidants), mushrooms & walnuts (Biotin) for brittle nails, Raw cabbage (MSM) which is beneficial for nail grow.

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10 Best Nail Strengtheners: Reader's Choice

Yep, they really work! The 10 best nail strengtheners for all your nail needs:

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Nails And Cuticle Care Tips For Strong & Healthy-Looking Fingernails

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Brittle Nails ~ Your fingernails are a window into your body’s health. Here is a great Nail Strengthening Recipe: • 4 drops Wheat Germ Oil • 2 drops Frankincense • 2 drops Myrrh • 2 drops Lemon • 1 drop Wintergreen Apply 1 drop on each nail and rub into the nail and cuticle 2-3 times a day. Only use therapeutic grade essential oil. Supplements from Young LIving that nourish the nails are: Sulfurzyme, MegaCal, Mineral Essence and NingXia Red. by la...

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11 Effective Remedies to repair Dry, Brittle Nails

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