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History of the Union Jack Flag


Cameron to set date Saturday for British EU referendum following...: Cameron to set date Saturday for British… #EUreferendum #DavidCameron

from The Independent

The financial destruction that will happen under President Trump has already begun

Donald Trump promised “Brexit times 50”, and it looks like he was right. In a bad way. Just as the shock result of the British referendum on membership of the European Union pushed the pound down to thirty-year lows against other currencies, now the election of President Trump is seeing a huge sell-off of dollar assets against almost everything else. Only the Mexican peso is looking even weaker than the dollar, for obvious reasons. A minor crash in financial markets is already under way…


Even 'depressed Eurocrat JUNCKER is LOSING FAITH in the EU ahead of British referendum'

BELEAGUERED European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has been described as “depressed” about the state of the EU as the migrant crisis continues to spiral out of control.

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Who is NEXIT? MailOnline guide to the Brexit aftershocks

Austria's new chancellor has said: ‘Whatever the outcome of the British referendum, afterw...