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Yo soy un fan de la literatura romántica. Ozymandias de Shelley es un poema que retrata la caída de un gran alcance.


British Poetry Unit: Metaphysical and Romantic Poets

This British poetry unit covers the best metaphysical and Romantic poets while addressing all the Common Core State Standards. This mostly student-directed unit has students researching, analyzing, presenting and writing about these sometimes bawdy poems! Includes all rubrics, teacher notes and teacher keys. $


most people don't know this about me.But, i am a closet poet.I love expressing myself early on this was one of ways i could. Most adults don't see children's opinion's valid. Due because they lack the living exprience i think so, this why i picked up poetry. It was the one place where my opinion did matter. i could say what i wanted. i could yell it,even curse,make words rhyme you name it i did it all the time.