Pharrell - Happy British Muslims! #HAPPYDAY The Happy British Muslims video was put together by a group of young British Muslims called the Honesty Policy, with a very simple aim: to spread positivity and a bit of empowerment along the way.

Life for British Muslims since 7/7 – abuse, suspicion and constant apologies | Mehdi Hasan | Comment is free | The Guardian

#UAE accused of influencing #HSBC to close bank accounts of British #Muslims... #Islamophobia

British Muslims who have made a major contribution to UK society were honored with the British Muslim achievement awards. We also recognize the achievements of Muslim individuals at the forefront of these communities and market sectors. We raised money to get a charity founded through Muslim Inspire, for the younger generation from deprived communities to realise their particular talents and perspective.

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These 'Happy British Muslims' Rock Out To Pharrell Williams And It Is Beyond Amazing (VIDEO)

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