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Paris journal by MaryAnn Moss --I so wish I had kept those albums for my sisters with the openings like the one on the right.........sometimes I regret what I let go because back then I was not as inspired......thank you for this beautiful example......... j


Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay (near Victoria) on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada • photo: Michele R. Unger on Bell Street Journal


Straight-A students can have a higher risk of bipolar disorder. A study from the British Journal of Psychology found that clever children are 4 times more likely to suffer from manic depression, supporting a common belief that exceptional intellectual ability is associated with mental illness. Source


The film begins with Tim Hetherington trying to describe why he risks his life to tell stories from some of the world’s most dangerous regions. Eventually, he finds the right words: “I want to connect with real people, to document them in real circumstances, where there aren’t any neat solutions.”