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We do indeed need to show joy as Catholics.

african children need water | The British government is planning to end the current ban on ...

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The 4th Earl of Carnarvon was the British Secretary of State for the Colonies under Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, who was premier from 1868 to 1880. At the time the British government wanted to expand the British Empire.

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"Utility" dress, c.1940s. The British government introduced the Utility Clothing Scheme to address the shortage of labor and materials during and after WWII. Silhouettes were kept simple, but many were in fact commissioned from leading designers, such as Hardy Amies and Norman Hartnell.

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Ah! Reilly taught me this a while ago! "Not with that attitude" works not for everything, but some things. You're welcome Kit.

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Princess Margaret and her greatest love, Captain Townsend. He was divorced, and Margaret was told that if she married him,she lost her place in the succession, as well as her income from the civil list. She broke off their romance, but was never a very happy person afterward. Margaret caused her sister , Queen Elizabeth, much headache and worry with her later affairs and rumours of alcohol abuse,later divorce and general unroyal bad behavior.

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Mycroft Holmes: He practically is the British Government. His name literally opens doors. Sherlock.

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Of course he goes by Mycroft. No one would ever trust all the secrets of the free world with some guy named Mikey.

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