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Britain To Leave Eu


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from CNNMoney

Brexit is becoming a big fat mess

Britain running into troubles as they try to leave the EU. Their currency is crashing as many dumped it when the vote to leave was first ushered Because they expected Britain to be worse off.

from the Guardian

Stephen Phillips MP: 'I can no longer live with being labelled a Tory'

Brexiter voted for Britain to leave EU but is unhappy May government had not planned to consult parliament

Christmas in London is a time of great festivity, with lights making the city bright and markets filling squares and parks. It's a great time to visit the British capital and get into the seasonal spirit!

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Community Post: 11 Facts Every Edinburgher Knows To Be True


She was part of project 'Fear' Now she must PROVE she will deliver Brexit' Companies will quit Britain if we vote to leave EU,' May told bankers

from Mail Online

Michael Caine urges Britain to leave the EU

"Michael Caine urges Britain to leave the EU"...Flowless ! Why the star ? Becose he is BRITISH actor , not holly woo . Dame Judy Dench went through WHOLE Shakepsreare BEFORE her M...Dear Lord , the Youth of the Winter Tales this season , Marvelous !