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Brine calculation chart - this might come in handy if I end up with one pickling cucumber again.

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My Favorite Turkey Brine

Pioneer Woman's whiskey and maple brine for 2015 looks good, but this is less pricey and also seems great.

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Fast and Easy Brining Solution

By brining, you are providing a moisture cushion for the meat - all provided by the process of osmosis. Fast and Easy Brining Solution ...

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How to make salted eggs

Learn how to make salted eggs, using only brine solution. Salted egg is a popular delicacy both in the Philippines and China that is widely used for various dishes. |

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How to Can Pepperoncini Peppers

How to Can Pepperoncini Peppers, This recipe was very easy and the brine solution tasted very similiar to store bought!

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Turkey Brine

Turkey Brine by Martha Stewart. This is absolutely the best flavored turkey and most moist turkey I have ever had. This recipe is definitely a keeper. It was easy to make, just need to plan ahead.

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Fermentation Weights: 10 Ideas For Keeping Your Ferments Submerged -

One of the requirements for successful fermentation is to provide an anaerobic environment to prevent oxidation and mold. Keeping your fruits or vegetables completely submerged in brine or natural juices is the way to achieve that. But those darn small pieces of cabbage, or those cranberries just love to float to the top and ruin it all. The solution? Fermentation weights.

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Learn how to make salted eggs, using only brine solution.