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IKEA KNOPPÄNG frames are hung on a white brick wall and wound partially with greenery for a holiday decoration.

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The Lone Rangers

Michele Varian and Brad Roberts’s fourth-floor SoHo loft; photo by Bruce Buck -

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how to hang art on exposed brick walls

Brick Clamps (a simple and inexpensive solution)If you’re skittish about power tools,or simply don’t want to drill holes into your walls,start with brick clamps.These ultra-handy and inexpensive attachments clamp onto bricks(sans anchors or adhesive)for the purpose of hanging art,wreaths,holiday lights,anything!Look for them at home improvement and organization specialty stores,usually sold in sets of two.And—this is important—be sure to measure your brick BEFORE shopping, as brick c

How to Choose and Use Wall Mirrors

Though my favourite look for a home is cottage/shabby chic, I really like industrial chic, too, but maybe more for a shop or my garage/basement. It's not quite "soft" enough for how I would want my home to feel but it's definitely appealing to the eye.

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