Homemade Vapor Rub - Skip the yucky ingredients in VapoRub and make your own! Just 4 ingredients an you can breathe easy.

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According to renowned expert Robert Tisserand, breathing in essential oils is a highly efficient way to absorb them into our bloodstream. In this quick video tutorial I'll show you how to make an inhaler that supports healthy respiratory function, but you can use the method demonstrated to make inhalers that stimulate alertness, help with relaxation and stress relief, etc. #aromatherapy

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Breathe Easy With This Lung Boosting Green Smoothie | Health Digezt

Breathe easy essential oil diffuser blend-- Use this diffuser blend for those days when you need a sweet breath of fresh air

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See labels for organic ingredients. BREATHE EASY ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND CONTAINS: Certified USDA Organic® Eucalyptus Essential Oil Certified USDA Organic® Lemon Essential Oil Certified USDA Organic® Bay Laurel Essential Oil BREATHE EASY IS THE BEST ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND USED FOR: Aches (body / chest / head / joints / muscles / throat) Body heat Bronchial distress / lung conditions Congestion Coughs Digestive health Ene...

The Boston Fern is known as the most effective plant for removing airbourne toxings, and removes more formaldehyde per hour then any other air purying plant. Photo: Bloom IQ

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