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breast feeding; my husband informed me that I do this all the time! LMAO i have done this hahahahaha

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cheat sheet for hubby when you go into labor...some really great tips for the first time dad. Might make my own and modify this a bit...

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Every bit of this is so true having breastfed exclusively with 2 babies I can relate 100% to this post. It's a lot of hard work & time. Thankful my husband is helpful though!

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My breastfeeding in public offends you? I must've forgotten to take a stranger's comfort into account before feeding my child. My bad.

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Babies will experience several "growth spurts" in the first few months of life. These are days when baby wants to nurse longer and more frequently to build up mother's milk supply. Follow baby's lead on this by letting him breastfeed as often and as long as he wants. This will help bring up milk supply quickly. #breastfeeding

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