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breastfeeding for beginners: how to get through the hard part

A friend lent me a book on breastfeeding in the first few weeks after Theo was born. The introduction described how blissful and restful this beautiful experience was. I wanted to hunt that author down. What the heck was she talking about?! And a lot of the “breastfeeding expert” websites said similar things. Whereas the...Continue Reading »

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prevent mastitis

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7 Things to Know About Breastfeeding in Public

Shut up! All of these are treatable with breast milk!!! So cool :o) Let me know if you need some! Lol!!! :o)

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Here’s What’s So Special About Breast Milk

We might say that's just ONE MORE thing that's special about breast milk! -- A new study shows human breast milk contains important inflammation-fighting molecules via @timemagazine

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Clogged Milk Duct ➜ Natural Remedies

Blocked breast ducts are painful, and they can led to infection or mastitis. Here is a natural, DIY treatment for a blocked milk duct that worked for me.

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Breastfeeding Yeast Infection - 6 Causes, 8 Symptoms And 6 Treatments You Should Be Aware Of

Yeast Infection In Nursing Moms

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The Big Benefits of Breastfeeding. Baby K was breastfed for 18 mos before finally weaned herself. I really miss our breastfeeding days

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