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How to Run Breakout EDU in a Class with One Breakout Box Why Use The One-Box Method Over Multiple Boxes for your Classroom? First: It’s less locks and equipment for you to manage and reset between class periods. Second: It costs less. Third: The ticket system forces students to communicate about their work to develop answers for which the whole team is confident. Fourth: It prevents students from hanging around the box fiddling with the locks trying to hack them. The focus is on the…

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This site is a Self-Paced Professional Development Course. What is BreakoutEDU? BreakoutEDU is a game that will have your students thinking critically, problem-solving, troubleshooting, working...

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Digital Breakout - Pearl Harbor

It's 1942. The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor. They plan to attack again, but you can stop them! You've got the code-breaking information, but in order to get to it you'll have to figure out the combinations to unlock the box where the decryption information is locked.This digital breakout game includes the following topics:The attack on Pearl HarborRoosevelt's address to CongressCongress votesAmerican retaliation - the Doolittle RaidThe 442nd InfantryYou can have students do this…

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