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Vera Rubin, pioneering astronomer, dies at 88

Vera Rubin, pioneering astronomer, dies at 88 Astronomer Vera Rubin, whose pioneering work led to the theory of dark matter, dies at 88.

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India Mahdavi’s New Ladurée in Geneva

<p>One of Trendland’s favorite interior designer, India Mahdavi recently finished the latest Ladurée interior in the Four Seasons Hotel at the Quai des Bergues in Geneva. The patisserie, restaur

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Researchers Achieve Artificial Telepathy Between Human Subjects BOSTON –In a first-of-its-kind study, an international team of neuroscientists and robotics engineers have demonstrated the viability of direct brain-to-brain communication in humans. Recently published in PLOS ONE the highly novel findings describe the successful transmission of information via ...

12 Things India Hicks Is Loving Right Now

"India Hicks Black Hibiscus Candle. It's England in the tropics, captured by the suggestion of sea air, oranges and Earl Grey tea." India Hicks candle, $54, -

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Victory! India bans the import of reptile skins and fur | India - January 2017 breaking news. Tens of thousands of animals like crocodiles, alligators, fox, minks and others are held captive in factory farms for their fur and skin. The methods used in factory farms are remarkably poor and designed to maximize profits, always at the expense of the animals. They are cruelly confined to cages, then brutally slaughtered - Never wear fur, fur is NOT fashionable, and belongs ONLY on an animal!!!

A visual chronicle of India's cash-crunched aam admi

Why you must dump demonetised notes by December 31: Heavy penalty in the offing


‘I am playing T-20 … Vibrant Gujarat will inaugurate India’s first international financial services exchange, break all records’.

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Market in Italy Latest media is an important in life to know news like times of India latest cricket breaking news recent India politics current news of India that is produced by new Delhi times.

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