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Brazil Economy News

Si 11 millones de inmigrantes ayudan la economia de EUA, por que no quedan en su casa ayudando su propia economia? Porque no sirven para nada y solo quieren beneficiarse de lo construido en otras naciones


Want to Make $250 an Hour? Be a Professional Mermaid | THE 'MERMAID ECONOMY' IS BOOMING, WITH ALMOST 1K 'MERFOLK' IN THE INDUSTRY


Worst Might Be Over For Brazil Economy - Forbes - BBC News Worst Might Be Over For Brazil EconomyForbesUnless Europe and the United States go into a tailspin, the ups and downs of Brazils macroprudential economic rigging are likely in the past. The currency war is over,... -

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell announced a state initiative to embrace blockchain and smart contract technology to help public and private enterprises lower transactional costs, automate and speed up transactions and reduce fraud. | The Blockchain Revolution

Investors Europe : Introducing Aggressive US Stock Option Rates coupled with Nominee Trading Accounts


Brazil's economy enters recession

Brazil enters recession, as official figures show the country's economy contracted by 1.9% between April and June, compared with the previous three months.


Brazil, Where a Judge Made $361500 in a Month, Fumes Over Pay - New York Times - New York Times Brazil, Where a Judge Made $361500 in a Month, Fumes Over PayNew York TimesAs Brazils once-booming economy stalls, these super salaries, as they have become known here, are feeding newfound resentment over inequality in the nations unwieldy... -

The Asia Pacific boss of blockchain company Ripple has poured cold water on the hype generated by the ASX over the distributed ledger's ability to cut costs i | The Blockchain Revolution

Brazil Gets More Expensive As Inflation Picture Worsens - Forbes - Forbes Brazil Gets More Expensive As Inflation Picture WorsensForbesWhile this number still shows all the worrying dynamics seen in the January IPCA monthly data, the improvement at the margin plus the fact that seasonal items (like education) will not impact the next releases mean that the... -