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Disney "Brave" Movie Quote Print

Disney Brave Movie Quote Print by Cre8T on Etsy, $3.00 Hey guys! Check out my Etsy Store, "Cre8T", for more Prints & Photography. -Tia

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15 Inspiring movie quotes from strong female characters: Badass leading ladies

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20 Seconds of Insane Courage - We Bought a Zoo Movie - Quotation Art Print 8x10

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Disney Quotes: 11 Things We Can Learn from the Princesses

Merida: Carve Your Own Destiny We all come from different places and have different expectations from our families growing up. Sometimes, however, what matters most is what we want to make of our own lives. Merida learns this the hard way, but ultimately carves out her destiny for herself.

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“E por que acham que quero ser Guardião?” – JackFrost; “Você está errada sobre o mundo, e você está errada sobre mim!” – Rapunzel; “Eu prefiro morrer do que ser como você”” – Merida; “Será que pelo menos uma vez na vida você pode escutar o que eu to falando?” – Soluço;

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What's The Best Disney Song Of All Time?

The House of Mouse has churned out tons of catchy tunes over the years, but which Disney song is the best?

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This is one of the most heart felt Disney movies ever. It is not about falling in love, it is about a mother and daughter seeing eye to eye.

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Odysseus is brave because he fought against the Trojans, and even in the worse time he still had hope and defeated his fears.

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