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Winter gem Boxwood, stays green all winter. 3-4 ft bright green. Korean ‘Winter Gem’) is a cultivar of the Littleleaf Boxwood, known for its light, lime-green leaves, which usually maintain their color through the winter season.

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Can Boxwoods Be Planted In Pots: Tips On Growing Boxwood Shrubs In Containers

Can boxwoods be planted in pots? Absolutely! They’re the perfect container plant. Learn about the care for boxwood in pots and how to plant boxwoods in containers in this article. Click here for more information.

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Boxwood Plant Food – Learn About Boxwood Fertilizer Requirements

Fertilizer For Boxwood Shrubs: Tips On Fertilizing Boxwoods - Healthy boxwood plants have lush green leaves, but to keep your shrubs looking their best, you may need to offer them boxwood plant food. For more information on appropriate fertilizer for boxwood shrubs, click this article.

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Boxwood Shrubs 101 a guide

Boxwood shrubs a guide -types, facts & the special way you need to prune them.

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Green Velvet retains the upright, rounded shape you'd expect from a boxwood on it's own, with little to no pruning from you. This evergreen shrub boasts deep green, glossy leaves year round. - Buy 6 1-gallon plants for $28.85 each @

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Front yard landscape ... potted swirled juniper, knock out roses, liropie grass, caladiums, boxwood shrubs

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Limelight hydrangea actually prefers the sun much more than typical hydrangeas & will get large enough for a beautiful screening hedge. It is deciduous & will lose leaves in winter. The cone shaped blooms fade to pink then brown & can be left in tact for winter interest.

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