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Bourbon biscuits

This classic bourbon biscuits recipe from is simple to make and delicious to munch on or dunk in a hot drink!


Bourbon biscuits: For those unfamiliar with this cookie - it does not contain whiskey. The Bourbon name probably comes from the House of Bourbon - the former French royal family. It is as it looks: chocolate wafers filled with chocolate fondant cream. Recipe calls for caster sugar (superfine sugar) and golden syrup (you can substitute light corn syrup). One of the most popular treats in Britain.


The Best Turkey Soup You Will Ever Eat

For real, this stuff is epic. I made my first batch of this last year after Thanksgiving, but this year I have it down to a science, a rich savory science of deliciousness that is. This soup starts out with a super concentrated homemade turkey stock made from the Thanksgiving...


Giant Bourbon biscuit

How amazing is this giant Bourbon biscuit? If you love classic chocolate Bourbon biscuits then you really have to make this showstopping version. This giant biscuit is sure to turn a few heads when it comes to serving. It's so simple to make too, taking only 10 mins to prepare and 20 mins to cook. Made with a classic chocolate biscuit recipe and filled with a rich, Bourbon infused chocolate spread, this biscuit is definitely one of a kind.


Bourbon Biscuits

Grown Up Biscuits! Bourbons with a dash of something special! I need these biscuit cutter in my life!