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Thicker eyeliner, starting thin in the center and thickening it out at the flick. Pile on the mascara and separate bottom eyelashes with tweezers, pulling them into even little shapes. Then add a little central dot!

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Thicken Lashes with Baby Powder

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How to recreate bottom eyelashes with makeup (if you haven't got any) - and lots of other make up advice for people suffering from hair loss

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Let’s all take life a little less seriously and do something bold and super girly every now and then! I can’t tell you how easy it is to do… but I can show you! If you can draw lines with a pen, you can draw lines along your bottom lashline. Such a perfect pair for a cat eye! Here’s how:

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Apply eye pencil above the eyelashes line and below it by pulling gently the eye lid with your fingers.Apply also at the top line of the bottom row of lashes.Take a cotton bud and firmly take pencil from the upper lashes and apply the same materila under the bottom eyelashes.Apply mascara and you are done!

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