Boris Johnson's Speech - Our Greatest Team: Athletes' Parade Live. Fair play to Boris - he can get away with anything

Boris Johnson has launched a bold bid to claim the mantle of Margaret Thatcher by declaring that inequality is essential to fostering "the spirit of envy" and hailed greed as a "valuable spur to economic activity".

The funniest jokes from Boris Johnson's hilarious Tory birthday party convention speech « Travel, News, Love-Beauty, Animals

“They eat cake on the Champs-Elysées made in Waltham Forest,London” says Boris as he entertains the home crowd at the Conservative party conference. Boris jokes he and the Prime Minister danced ‘Gangnam Style’ the other day. “The Dutch ride bicycles made in London” Boris continues “the Brazilians use mosquito repellent made in London.” Boris saves the best to last “every single chocolate Hob-nob in the world is made in London” to the laughs and applause of the audience.

Boris Johnson makes a speech on his visit to Winchester

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