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29 Hilarious Gabrielle Solis Quotes From "Desperate Housewives"

When she revealed how domestic she is. | 29 Hilarious Gabrielle Solis Quotes From "Desperate Housewives"


...And here we have Finn wearing a very Christian Grey-ish tie, which may or may not turn on thousands of bored housewives.


Fuckin a. I have never understood why people have to constantly be in our fucking business. From the house to the car we drive where we work wanting to know what we get paid. Luke Dayyyummmm' is your life that dicing boring & jacked up. You that jealous of what we have. ......APPARENTLY. cause you go after many things we have & get the same shit. ..


Madness and Meaning

A half century ago, the Rolling Stones sang a mordant song celebrating the “Mother’s Little Helper,” the little yellow pill that tranquilized bored housewives everywhere as it hurried them along to their “busy dying day.” Some younger folks might consider it a welcome solution to the problem of “what a drag it is getting old.” As my final image suggests, however, drug companies have preferred to market it as a solution to the travails of those trapped in an endless round of housework.