Week 1 of 8 - HealingFromBPD.org - Borderline Personality Disorder Blog: Seeking Safety: Beyond the Borderline Into Trauma Recovery

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Boredom... Not what you would typically associate with Borderline Personality Disorder right? Not one of the diagnostic criteria in the DSM IV that's for sure... So how come I think boredom is such...

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It's All in Your Brain: Borderline Personality Disorder and the Brain. The field of psychiatry is heating up, and neuroscientists are discovering what is going on in our minds in the fog of mental illness. Subscribe to life's Learning's blog at: http://lifeslearning.org/ Twitter: @sapelskog. Counselors, join us at: Facebook.com/LifesLearningForCounselors*

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NIMH · Lost in Translation - Over the past decade we have cured nearly every brain disorder, from autism to Alzheimers, in mice, but these effects rarely translate to patients. In fact, the cynical joke among clinical researchers is that if you are going to develop a brain disorder, first become a mouse.

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