Bordelaise Sauce with Mushrooms | "WOW, that is all I can say WOW. My pork chop could not have been happier, and when I noticed most of my guest was eating this as a side dish and wanting more I knew I had found a winner."

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Filet Mignon with Bordelaise Sauce Recipe - This luscious, wine-enriched sauce is often paired with a hanger steak, a shell steak, or a tender filet mignon. Though this sauce is traditionally served with a dollop of beef marrow, we think it is just as delicious finished with a garnish of chopped fresh parsley and rosemary.

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#gravy #marinades #sauces This wonderful sauce is the perfect accompaniment to steak if you do not want to go the cream sauce route. Made with red wine, beef stock or...

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Bordelaise Sauce at it's Best! Bordelaise [bore duh LAZ] Sauce is a great accompaniment for any grilled red meat. Bordeaux wine is the key to this recipe’s rich taste. The author of this classic recipe is Georges Auguste Escoffier; it appears in his book Le Guide Culinaire, first published in French in 1903 and now in its fourth edition.

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I love this recipe. Im posting it as I make it - I add more beef broth (not a huge wine fan, so I prefer the beef taste). However, if you prefer a stronger wine flavor, just use 8 oz of beef broth instead (that was the original recipe amount). I also put more green onions, but thats just because I love them! Really easy to make, too! Oh, and COMPLETE guess on the servings and cook/prep time.

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