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This is why!

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10 Things You'll Relate to If You Stay Up Too Late Reading

The best reason to be exhausted. Check out the rest of these hilarious book humor memes about being sleep deprived from reading.

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Oh, yeah

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Leftovers: February 2014 edition

Bookish problem #430: Having to find the perfect position that satisfies the right angle of reading while keeping your entire body warm under a blanket.

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14 Internal Struggles Only Bookworms Will Understand

Funny book humor about the struggles that all bookworms can understand.

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I do this all the time! Going swimming? Bring a book. Traveling overseas? Bring a book. Visiting a friend? Bring a book. Driving somewhere? ...I might need to read at a red light.

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tee hee! The percentages may be a bit off for me but they are so true...especially the last one!

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Before the next decade... definitely...

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