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Gummy & Fruit Snack Recipe

Homemade Gummy & Fruit Snack Recipe I got the fabulous Gummy Candy Maker that comes with all the non-food items to make gummy bears, worms and even a huge gummy bear at home. The instruction booklet came with a few recipes for gummys and I found one similar for fruit snacks online. We made both, …


Macaron Baking Kit

Macaron baking kit by Lekue. Would love to learn how to bake macarons! My favorite!


Beads + Tassels Necklaces Kit—they use pearl beading silk for the tassels! Our Beads + Tassels Necklaces Kit includes... Three 2-meter packages of Silk Bead Cord, No. 5 Three Tins of Seed Beads, Size 12 Several Size 8 Seed Beads (for securing the bottom of the necklace) Two spools of sewing thread (for the tassels) Purl Soho’s Small Tassel Maker A hand-sewing or embroidery needle A Beads + Tassels Necklaces full-color instructional booklet (also available separately)


1972 brochure covering the Teac 2340 reel to reel tape recorder in Phantom Productions' reel tape recording collection