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Who What Where - like Clue, but a Mormon version. List of a bunch of other games, too. online and printable games

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We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice In Christ: 52 Life-Changing Questions from The Book of Mormon

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This mom made a Book of Mormon study guide for her 11 year old. (So fantastic!! Thank you for creating this!)

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Step By Step Through the Book of Mormon- Alan C. Miner's cultural commentary of the entire book. SO much history and background.

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The Book of Mormon Online - AMAZING Book of Mormon study guide website that has tons of additional commentary, images, video, and music to go along with what you're reading. I love it!

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Book of Mormon Challenge. Book of Mormon quiz on the web. 30 seconds on the clock- 10 questions to reach the top- and no lifelines. Made it to level 6, That was fun! Just 4 more levels to go....

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Abinadi and King Noah- put in envelope with scripture reference- kids can practice stories- maybe way to get Weston to take a turn doing FHE lessons

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