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caring for books SMARTboard sort activity idea. I always need more book care lessons!

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Taking care of books is an important lesson to go over with the students in the beginning of the school year. I usually start out reading the book “Mr. Wiggle’s Library” and “Mr. Wiggle’s Book” by Paula M. Craig and Carol L. Thompson. I found this really cute idea last year (I’m trying to find... Read more

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The Book Fairy-Goddess: First Week of Lessons (PK-2nd) - A great way to review the different ways to take care of your library books at the beginning of the year.

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Don't Let the Pigeon Touch the Book-so clever! I am definitely using this in my book care lesson!

Book Care. Following an introductory lesson on book care for kindergartners, students list ways to take care of books and then create a digital story/voice recording of what they've learned.

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Do this at the beginning of the school year so kids knows how to handle books. This of course will vary by age

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