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Growing your Ficus Bonsai Ficus bonsai are ideally suited for indoor bonsai. Watering Ficus bonsai, as with most bonsai, like to dry out between waterings. Light Ficus bonsai grow well in either direct or indirect sunlight. We prefer to grow Ficus in shady areas. Feeding Fertilize your Ficus bonsai once every two weeks during the growing season, spring until fall.We recommend using an organic liquid fertilizer such as a fish emulsion or an organic seaweed fertilizer.

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Rosemary bonsai.. "potted in cat litter, fed on tomato fertilizer several times a year"...rosemary likes it dry, but this technique is amazing

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How to Water a Bonsai Tree

“How do I water this bonsai tree?” had to be the most common question I answered when I worked in a bonsai shop. Unfortunately, that question requires some nuance, but once you've considered it, watering your bonsai tree will be a breeze and become second nature to you.

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Can a Japanese Maple Be Kept Inside

A breathtaking Maple bonsai tree. A small work of art taking decades to create.Bonsai is a Japanese art form where miniature trees are grown in containers and are trained for aesthetic appreciation. Gorgeous.

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where to buy preserved real life fake Artificial Bonsai Trees for sale « Uncategorized « Buy for Sale®

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Bougainvillea -Restyling the Tree (it can be brought back to life) My Boogi is 10 years old in 2015--- repot every 3 years Cutting back root structure by 1/3 & removing as much old soil as possible. I put "fresh" spaghnam moss(from the woods) mixed with vermicilite, and a teaspoon of fertilizer applied in the mix(5-5-5), & a few teasp. dolimite lime to repot. I also chop up moss & put on the top to help keep moisture in.

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