So you've been saving your paycheck to buy the perfect bong piece. But which one to buy? This article is brought to you by Vintage Panda Smoke Supply, definitely check them out to get some dope glass shipped directly to your door. So without further ado, here are 10 Bongs to Spend your money on! 1.

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Gotta Smoke 'Em All! These Pokémon Bongs And Bowls Are A Must For Gen-Y Stoners

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Hello my friend We are one of the most professional water pipe production company in China. If you have any requirements in glass bong , please contact us directly, we must spare no effort to meet your requirements. My Email is ; My skype is nbartglass ; My WeChat is GlassBongs ; Welcome to our exchanges and cooperation. Thank you

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Choosing wholesale Glass Bong Best Percolator Oil Rigs Glass Water Pipes 3 Honeycomb and Birdcage Bubbler Hookahs 18.8mm Joint Recycler Ash catcher online? sells a variety of Hookahs for you. Buy now enjoy cheap price.

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bongs and bowls | The attention to detail on these is incredible:

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