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Fig. 3. Network ef fi ciency and the length of gestation at local regions. Strong positive associations were found in the bilateral precuneus, superior parietal, and postcentral regions including cuneus, supramarginal, calcarine, superior frontal and occipital regions ( p b 10 − 4 with Bonferroni correction; age and sex covariates).

Understanding and predicting suicidality using a combined genomic and clinical risk assessment approach. The 76 biomarkers that survived Bonferroni correction after validation for suicidal behavior map to biological pathways involved in immune and inflammatory response, mTOR signaling and growth factor regulation. mTOR signaling is necessary for the effects of the rapid-acting antidepressant agent ketamine, providing a novel biological rationale for its possible use in treating acute…

Statistics: Significance testing, Type I and Type II errors This section covers: Significance Testing P-values Type I Errors Type II errors Power Sample size estimation Problems of multiple testing Bonferroni correction Consider the data below in Table 1, given in Swinscow and Campbell (2002). A general practitioner wants to compare the mean of the printers' blood pressures with the mean of the farmers' blood pressures.

Move over “American Idol,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “Dancing with the Stars”! A significant new talent competition, ASA’s Got Talent, wil...


Polymorphism in serotonin transporter gene associated with susceptibility to major depression. "There was a significant difference between the control and affective disorder groups, largely explained by the excess of the STin2.9 allele in the unipolar group (χ2=10·05, p<0·004 [Bonferroni corrected]). The presence of the allele with nine copies of the repeat was significantly associated with risk of unipolar disorder (odds ratio=6·95 [95% Cl 1·8-27·2])."


Description English: Female lang features are shown above, male below. Size of the word inds the strgth of the corrltion; color indctes rel freq of usage. Underscores (_) connect words of multiword phrases. Words and phrases are in the center; topics, represented as the 15 most prevalent words, surround. (: fems and males; corrltions adjstd 4 age; Bonferroni-corrected ). Date: 27/11/2013. Source: Author: H. Andrew Schwartz, et all...