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:) <3 Do you have nicknames for your fave charecters? I have my Hodgey Podgey, or Hodgkin, or whatever Hodgins says <3

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Recently I have taken a (binge)terest in the series Bones, where a strong cast of women have the roles of "squints"- super brainy and highly credible, kick-butt female scientists. This is a great example and model for many gifted females that are pressured to underachieve or develop academic insecurities due to societal injustices. I think this year I would like to find some really positive television shows and pop-culture female figures to maintain relevance for my students (that some…

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The 23 Best Things About "Bones"

<b>You know you're a Bonehead if you love the atrocious theme song.</b> Spoilers for people who haven't obsessively watched every episode of <i>Bones</i>.

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The boys of Bones. Vincent Nigel-Murray (RIP), Lance Sweets, Jack Hodgins, and Wendell Bray this show. &this pic!

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My son already knows what most of the anatomical names of his body are, and it all started with dancing phalanges!

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Angela Montenegro & Dr. Jack Hodgins | Bones (2005 - ) #michaelaconlin #tjthyne #couples-- one happy couple down one to go

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Who Is the Cutest TV Couple of 2013?

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Bones :) I could watch this any day in any mood. It would instantly make it 10 times better

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