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I do think there is a stark difference between realized masters, buddhas and high level bodhisattvas partaking in meat compared to ordinary mundane beings partaking in meat. The Buddha Shakyamuni did not have much of a choice, he took whatever people offered to him even if it was a boiled frog. I mention boiled frog as the monks of Northern Thailand those who go for alms sometimes found boiled frogs as part what they receive in their alms, the monks are practicing on attachm

Humans Are Not Like Slowly Boiling Frogs … We Are Like Slowly Boiling Brainless Frogs Even though people keep using the famous simile — “the fatally slow human response to climate change makes us like a slowly boiling frog” — it is not quite right.

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BOILING FROG 1 | A-Line Dress


Are you Suffering from Boiled Frog Syndrome? #emf sENSITIVITY

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The Boiling Frog

The Boiling Frog- A reminder to care for yourself, before you ~cannot~....