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Sponge Sculptures | Etienne Gros transforms sponges into unique and eye-catching sculptures inspired by the beauty of the human body.


Your New Favorite Beauty Tool Looks Like It Fell Out Of A Push-Up Bra

The SiliSponge is here to take your beauty game to the next level. No more wasting foundation on your makeup brushes!


Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Body Sponge

Before you walk into your appointment for your first bikini wax of the season we thought we'd share the facts when it comes to pre-and-post wax care.


OMG!!!!! DIY ROSE HONEY BODY WASH! Ok ladies time to take out your biggest sea sponge, and lather it up with this super sweet rose honey body wash. I’ve had a few members ask me to post a recipe for a moisturizing body wash, and it’s taken me until now to create something that I absolutely love and felt was good enough to share with all of you.


Earth Therapeutics Pink Hydro Body Sponge - Pack

Exfoliation Therapy With Hand Strap True to Life Environmental Caring This specially designed body sponge doubles the bubbles for a thorough and luxurious clean