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True ways to a strong woman or man. 1. Do not fat shame. 2. Do not skinny shame. 3. Do not shame those who do no wrong. 4. Do not in-between shame 5. Be kind and have manners to those around you and be a friend.

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Quotes: Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Strong, Be Fit, Be You

It needs to stop. I was looking for weight loss motivation on Instagram and I typed in #weightloss and all of these results came up with girls who are so excited about losing weight by starving themselves and from there, I found a lot of them are cutting themselves and stuff. What kind of world do we live in where we think that's okay?

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Strive to go above and beyond society's shallow views. Don't conform- be you! Skinny, fat, short, tall, none of it matters.

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50 flawless comebacks for comments about your weight

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Plus Size Art: Making a Statement with Penny Candy Studios

Be you. Size doesn't matter, clothes don't matter, what matters is how you treat others.

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