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Bo Derek rocking the menswear look. I now see how I need to wear pants to make suspenders work with a bust my size. Winner!

Bo Derek Now One of Hollywood's few outspoken Republicans, Derek has campaigned over the years for conservative candidates and has attended GOP conventions. She is also a horse-riding enthusiast, and an activist on behalf of the animals. Since 2002, she has dated the actor John Corbett.

"Bo Derek, 55, She once broke hearts running down a beach in a red bathing suit and cornrows. Now 55, Bo Derek represents the new Golden Years."

from Mail Online

Still a perfect 10! 80s sex symbol Bo Derek looks stunning at fashion party in Cologne

Now and then: Bo Derek shot to fame when she starred as Dudley Moore's 'perfect woman' in the 1979 film 10

Bo Derek – Now Ben & Keven Kinkirk's Mother Turning 60 this year, Bo Derek shows us that age is just a number. Still acting and looking beautiful, she has been in a long term partnership with none other than John Corbett, yes that’s Aidan from SATC. 84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals