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Sempiternal - Bring Me the Horizon | Best BMTH album ever<3 #bmth #bringmethehorizon

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Bring Me The Horizon - Merch, Lyrics and Branding on Behance - created via

Trapped - The Specials (Chapter 13)

.:.:.:.:.:.Bring Me The Horizon.:.:.:.:.:. Their Sempiternal album, a heavy mix of techno and metal, an album that brought them into the public eye as a bigger band Older fans seem to dislike the change but I think it shows how the band is not afraid to develop their music and evolve something new each time something new is released which makes their music constantly interesting and intriguing.. a big love of mine

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35 Brand New Lyrics That Still Speak To Your Emo Soul

35 Brand New Lyrics That Still Speak To Your Emo Soul.... This makes me happier than I could ever express <3 <3 <3

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So tell us....Which is your go-to? #bringmethehorizon

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Bring Me The Horizon- That's the Spirit Can not wait for this album on September 11th!! Already love Throne and Happy Song<3

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Doomed, Happy Song, Throne, True Friends, Follow You, What You Need, Avalanche, Run, Drown, Blasphemy & Oh No Aka That's The Spirit Aka The Best Album In Existence ♡

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Words on

"This is Sempiternal Will we ever see the end? This is Sempiternal Over and over, again and again" - Shadow Moses

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