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Blurt chart. Students take down one smiley face anytime they blurt out. Students can either get 3 blurts per day or week depending on your class

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Blurt chart. Names taken off for confidentiality, but would be on blue tags. Smiley thru frown faces are warnings. If I take off circles with numbers, it is recess minutes students owe. If all circles are removed, student loses entire recess.

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Bubble Gum Blurt Chart - this is something I created for my class to help encourage self control during instruction time. my students have 3 chances (3 pieces of gum per week) and if they interrupt or blurt out a piece is removed from their name and put into the LOST BUBBLES bucket. If they have any pieces left at the end of the week, they will receive a price of bubble gum. Hopefully this will help cut down on interruptions and talking out.

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Give each kid three sticks. Each time a kid talks out of turn, take a stick away. Lose all three and talk out of turn again, get a red stick. Each red stick = lose 5 mins of recess (or whatever consequence you choose). Hmm.... Something to consider.

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Blurt alerts and blurt desserts are such a fun way to get a talkative class under control using BLURT cubes... BLURT cubes are the best!

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Behavior Management: Blurt Chart

Use this mini clip chart to manage students’ blurting out! This is a great visual reminder for students to remember to raise their hands and stop blurting out!

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Learning to raise our hands.... 3 strikes you are out!! I have a feeling I will be looking for this pin after my first parent-teacher conference next year. Love my little Moo and her jabbering, but better put a stop to it ;)

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Use this resource to help manage your "blurters" in the classroom. Like other blurt charts, students receive 3 pieces of gum each day/week, depending on your classroom need. If a student blurts out, they are to remove a piece of gum from the chart. If students have any gum pieces left over after a day/week, then they can receive a piece of real gum!

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Blurt Chart Freebie- Goes with My Mouth is a Volcano Book -- Could be used for students who have a problem rather than the whole class

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Interrupting during small group teaching time - a constant problem! Check out this great anchor chart by 2nd grade teacher Nikki Snow.

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First, collect data!! My kids had 39 blurt outs in one hour! Wow! Then, come up with a reasonable goal and reward. Let the students give ideas for rewards. It will also help if you have a behavior replacement. I used Velcro on the back on the numbers. Whenever a student blurts, I will take the number off starting at 8. If they stay within the 1-8 number range, then they will receive a link on a paper chain. Once the chain touches the floor we're going to have a big shindig! Depending on your…

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FREE - Blurting Out - This is a great social story to use with children when teaching them how to listen to others. #autism #education

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Blurt Chart Freebie!!!

Mrs. Prince and Co.: Blurt Chart Freebie!!!

I took the blurt chart idea and made a clip chart. Everyone starts on 3. For each Blurt their clip moves down one. At the end of the day, they receive smarties candy based on the number they are on. (3 pieces for 3, 2 pieces for 2, 1 piece for 1 and 0 for 0).

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25 Chatty Class Classroom Management Strategies for Overly Talkative Students (Miss Giraffe's Class)

25 Chatty Class Classroom Management Strategies for Overly Talkative Students | Miss Giraffe's Class | Bloglovin’

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