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Blue Chalcedony stone, has all of the properties of clear quartz crystals and is especially good at opening you up to spiritual enlightenment in an exceptionally peaceful way. The natural energy coming from Blue Chalcedony has been described as being almost dream like, gentle, smooth as silk and flowing like a breeze upon the skin.


Blue Chalcedony, "I am filled with creativity and optimism." Working with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, Blue Chalcedony facilitates an exuberant vibe from a speaker to an audience. Some say it facilitates telepathic communication, as well as communication with other realms. Code HCPIN10 = 10% discount


Considered a sacred stone by the Native American Indians, chalcedony nurtures and promotes brotherhood and good will. Used to assist telepathy Absorbs negative energy and dissipates it Harmonizes mind, body, and spirit Instills generosity Healing properties of chalcedony Chalcedony is a powerful cleanser, including open sores. Mothers use it to increase lactation, and it also fosters the maternal instinct. It increases physical energy. Healers use it to decrease ill effects


Crystals for Inflammation. Top Recommended Crystals: Galena, Pyrite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Lace Agate, or Malachite. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Green Jasper, Turquoise, Aventurine, or Green Calcite. Hold to the site of inflammation or carry with you as needed. This can also help as prevention for future flair ups. Related Crystal Tips: Arthritis and Pain Relief


Crystal Card of the Day: Blue Chalcedony, "I am filled with creativity and optimism." Soothing, calming Chalcedony is great for promoting a sense of peace and joy. As a member of the Quartz family, Chalcedony carries similar properties, such as cleansing, healing, and balancing.


Blue Chalcedony - opens the mind to assimilate new ideas and helps acceptance of new situations. Very calming stone. Clears Throat chakra.


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