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I used to always think aprons were...kind of old fashioned. But now that I'm trying to *gasp* actually cook more...I'm tired of getting stuff on my shirt. And this is too adorable!

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Blue Apron ingredients and recipe card. A once-a-week subscription service that provides recipes and ingredients to make 3 meals for the number of people you specify; 2 or 4. Meals are $9.99 per person, so for a box of 3 meals it is $60. You can get a special deal on your first week - two free meals, so it'd cost $39.96 for 2 ppl or $49.94 for 4 (normally $69.94). Delivery is free.

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Ladies' One-Piece Kitchen Apron: Circa 1910 Size: 36" Bust This pattern was published by Peerless Patterns. It is a very simple pattern consisting of the apron, cut on the fold, and the pocket. It buttons at the back neck with one button. Suggested fabrics: Aprons were made of white cotton percale, woven ginghams and printed cottons. Woven gingham colors were blue-plaid, blue and white check and black-and-white-check.

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Why Blue Apron Can Deliver Ingredients for Less Than 60% of What Your Grocery Store Charges

Blue Apron (and other new companies) will ship fresh groceries to you, pre-measured, with a recipe (which you choose in advance. Costs less than dining out. I tried vegetarian options & spent way more time chopping & prepping than the 30 minutes they said. The author loved it - esp Shrimp po boys, & offers link to a deal to try it. Make your own food & be healthier.

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I was Rosie the Robot from the Jetson's for Halloween this year. Just two round pieces of styrofoam, two light blue posters, a couple dowel rods, felt, foam (for apron,cap,), and a sharpie. The buttons were pompoms hot glued to bobby pins and tucked into the button holes of my shirt. =22bucks and got great feedback

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Have you tried meal services like Blue Apron or Plated? I break down the cost plate by plate and compare it to how much i would spend at the grocery store on this meal.

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