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My Guide to At Home Hair Dye and Bleach Lightening

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The RIGHT Way To Bleach Your Hair At Home

The Right Way To Bleach Your Hair At Home #refinery29 Step 3: Bleach One of the most trusted bleaches — L’Oréal Quick Blue Powder — is also extremely cost-effective. Mix it in a bowl with some developer, which will lift hair color quickly and drastically, until the formula is about the consistency of yogurt. Darling recommends using a 30-volume developer. This writer, however, has successfully used 40-volume developer for years to…

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The RIGHT Way To Bleach Your Hair At Home

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Tutorial for Bleaching your Hair Blonde, Platinum or White at Home Updated on March 16th, 2014: Due to the large volume of emails concerning this post, I am asking that everyone please read this bl...

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How (and Why) I Went Platinum Blonde at Home

Debby Ryan platinum blonde hair colour inspiration:

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Brass Banishing DIY Hair Toner for Blondes

Oxidative toners can be damaging to your hair… especially if you bleach the crap out of it like me. Luckily, there are safe, non-damaging, and at home methods to getting a result you are happy with!

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My Guide to At Home Hair Dye and Bleach Lightening

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How To Safely Bleach Your Hair At Home For The White Blonde Look Of Your Dreams

These days it seems like every celebrity is bleaching their hair to make the leap to platinum blonde: Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, Justin Bieber

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I'm Blonde Now (Again), Plus COTW!

Everything you need to bleach your hair, for only about $25 at Sally Beauty Supply.

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