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Blanket Warming Cabinet Deluxe: P-2010 I would have this for the vet part of my animal shelter so we could comfort them with hot towels

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Black Doxie Weenie Warmer Combination Dachshund Blanket/Sleeping Bag *MostPopular

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Towel Warmer

Treat yourself to a touch of luxury anytime with a warm towel, robe or blanket. The BEST part of working nights is using the warm blankets.. Maybe now I can do this at home!#luxury

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The Foot of the Bed Warmer - This is the electric warmer designed for the foot of the bed, delivering the perfect amount of heat to keep toes toasty without overheating the rest of the body. Rather than heating the entire bed with a conventional electric blanket when only your feet are cold, this sensibly sized warmer confines its heat to the lower part of the mattress, resting on top or under the covers.

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Bit Blanket Bit Warmer | For those fun winter rides! We actually used to bring our bridles inside the house during winter so they wouldn't become so cold sitting out in the barn. But for those who don't I suppose this is worth it.

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Another pair of wrist warmers are on my hook this evening the colours for this pair make me think of Morocco colour and spices ❤️❤️

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Pink Crochet Plaid Slouchy

FREE Crochet Pattern: Pink Crochet Plaid Slouchy | Make this gorgeous plaid hat in 4 pretty colors for a beautiful color effect.

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Seashells by the Seashore Throw - Gifts, Clothing, Jewelry, Home Decor and Home Furnishings as Featured in Popular Catalogs | Catalog Favorites

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