Who says that black people cant have beautiful children? No shade to the biracial babies, but I'm sick of people saying a black man and a black woman cannot have a beautiful child. The proof is in this princess here.

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You fro girl! http://www.shorthaircutsforblackwomen.com/mom-daughter-do-the-afro-dance-too-cute/ More

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A black man fearlessly drinks out of a "white only" water fountain when segregation was at its worst. This photo caught my eye because it displays something I haven't seen in many civil rights pictures: humor. He seems to almost be daring the person behind the camera to challenge him.

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Aboriginal Child of Australia. Many of these people have natural blond hair, as well as many people of African descent in the surrounding South Pacific and Micronesians islands.

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Black Love Day was founded in 1993 by Ayo Handy Kendi, director of the African American Holiday Association. According to Kendi, it is the third nationally ...

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"Once upon a time freedom used to be life-" Mama feels strongly about people being freed.

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