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Black Moon or Lilith is part of Astro-psychology :it is the moonspot in your radix which is most distance from the earth. It means you can not wear any mask or find ways of protection , -also subconcious levels ,you are completely 'naked' there, so most vulnerable. (How to Find All the Lilith's(= Black moon) in Your Birth Chart AstroFix)

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These violent delights have violent ends., C. E. Faul on ArtStation at

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"The woman who oversteps the boundaries of her gender role risks becoming a Scylla, Weird Sister, Lilith, Bertha Mason, or Gordon." - Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Monster Culture (7 Theses)

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(first house) 1st House. #Astrology For more Zodiac related posts, please check out my FB page:

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- ̗̀ saith my he A rt ̖́-

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demon eyes yellow eyes, crossroad demon, regular demon, and Lilith,

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"Lilith": Deusa da Abundância, fertilidade e fecundidade. "Também deusa da morte e Transformação ... ela nos desafia a olhar para o nosso lado escuro e incorporá-lo em nossa totalidade para que a nossa grande beleza pode florescer."

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