Beautiful Bloom... Photographer: @jasonprescodphotography. Model: @mirah_mufasa

Headchain: Lighting assistant of . Second assistant ------

10 Sensual Goddess Commandments  1. Thou shalt know you are a goddess.  2. Thou shalt love yourself first.  3. Thou shalt treat your body as a shrine.  4. Remember sacred sex, keep it holy.  5. Honor the sacred feminine and masculine energies.  6. Thou shalt not ignore your intuition.  7. Thou shalt speak your truth.  8. Thou shalt have an open loving heart.  9. Thou will experience pleasure every day. 10. Thou shalt twirl in orgasmic juiciness.  By Lady Shepsa

10 Sensual Goddess Commandments Thou shalt know you are a goddess.

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Black Girl Magic.

Just call my name, and I'll be there.

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Nubian Warrior Queen - by Eve Ventrue

"Nubian Warrior Queen", by Eve Ventrue. Like her page here >>>> Eve Ventrue

"As if he knew you. As if you have been everywhere. As if you are existence."  - Mary Jo Bang, from E Is For Everything

What Bellenora Otherys would have worn as the Black Pearl of Braavos, Destiny Owusu Photographed by Oye Diran

I love this Melanin Monroe

Black Sultry Goddess Maxi / Fashion By Chaviel's

Ecstasy Models

18° 15' N, 77° 30' W

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Destiny Owusu Photographed by Oye Diran  Photographer: @Oye_Diran  Model: @ohwawa Stylist: @OliviaMarieg  Mua: @moshoodat

Goddess/Headpiece/Fantasy/ Queen Photographed by Oye Diran Photographer: Model: Stylist: Mua: Headpiece: Collar:

Watch out the Kardashians: Actress Eva Marcille rocked a latex House Of CB dress which Khloe Kardashian has also been known to wear

Stella Maxwell in racy black lace gown that flaunts her endless stems

Модель: Wamuhu Waweru <Br> Чад Майкл Уорд фотографии <br> краска кузова: Майкл Рознер / уровне глаз СТУДИЯ <br> муа: Roxy Гарван MUA <br> головной убор: Мисс G Конструкции

“ A Peacefull Warrior II " … a new series from body painter Michael Rosner and Chad Michael Ward Photography. Photography: Chad Michael Ward Photography Headpiece: Miss G Designs Modeling: Wamuhu Waweru Body Paint: Michael Rosner MUA: Roxy Garvan.

#Oshun African Yoruba Goddess of love, fresh waters, and fertility. Oshun's compassionate, sensuous nature, and her water-element energy encourages healing, mothering, harmony, and going with the flow. #Ritual

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All that a guru can tell you is: "My dear Sir, you are quite mistaken about yourself. You are not the person you take yourself to be." Nisargadatta Maharaj

Invocation and Prayer ☽ Navigating the Mystery ☽ Yemaya

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